Cypress Pine Timber Floorings

Cypress pine is really one of a kind timber, nothing is comparable to this in today’s market. Cypress pine is Australian native timber and it is obtained from managed Australian local forests. It is a luxuriously designed wood, providing a large number of colour variations from pale yellow-brown to dark brown (almost black colour). Cypress pine floorings bring a warmth and fascination to areas with its exceptional tightly knotted appearance. For decking, it is economical while still having a suitable durability.

Why Choose Cypress pine?
  • It does not require any kind of chemical treatment to anticipate harms by termites/white ants
  • It is a remarkable decision in timber for Australian climate
  • Available in beautiful colour and grain
  • Cypress pine is hard enough for flooring
  • Strong enough for structural timber
  • Very readily available
  • It has a distinctive smell and it is noticeable when the timber is freshly installed
  • Used for flooring, weatherboards, decking, cladding, fences and house framing
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